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Clear Winner Ceramic Window Tinting Film Versus Multi-Layered Optical Film

The Clear Winner-Ceramic Window Tinting Film Versus Multi-Layered Optical Film!

Our business plan at Advanced Film Solutions certainly wasn’t created accidentally.  We started in Tampa, now we are in Orlando.

We developed a strategy that would allow us to compete and win in every residential or commercial consumer niche.

Deed Restricted or gated communities, golf communities, condo’s and town houses. .




Homeowners are comparing our Vista Terre, Iris 70, and Huper Optik Ceramic Films versus the 3M Prestige Film.









A prototypical Vista, Lumenesse/Geoshield or Huper Optik dealer would naturally be biased toward their own product solution.

This would challenge the researching consumer to view the selling “pitch” by the Vista dealer with a considerable “grain of salt.”  The same would naturally be equally true for the Prestige Dealers value proposition.

Advanced Film Solutions is unique in having a thorough and extensive familiarity with both solutions.






Let me give you the “Reader’s Digest” comparison:

  1. Vista and Huper Ceramic Films are available in a 30% Visible Light Transmission which surpasses the Prestige 40 in heat rejection (we qualify for the energy rebates, they do not!)




  2. Our Ceramic Films do not have a noticeable “blue shift”. Their films alter the visible hues to a bluer color changing the ambiance of the room.
  3. Ceramic films do not present iridescence “rainbow effect” on the transmitted light. The prestige films do produce this multi-colored effect on light color walls or tile.
  4. Ceramic Films have a durable color fast scratch coat.  The prestige color is a virtue of a dyed layer on the top surface of their film.  These colors can be scratched from the surface on all of their “tinted” versions.
  5. Optical clarity.  Our films have no distortion or haze effect. We will match any Prestige film side by side for visual clarity!
  6. Take the Huper . Lumenesse or VISTA Challenge and compare them side-by-side. You will observe why Huper and VISTA win!

  1. Here we did a side-by-side mock-up installation against prestige film. The blue and haze were obvious and our prospective client is now our satisfied customer!




  2. Neither Vista, Iris or Huper Ceramic Films interfere with cell phones, wireless, or fiber optic EM transmissions.




    Huper Optik on all window except the 3M Film top left.



  1. Neither Huper or Vista ceramics or Prestige add any additional reflectivity to the glass.
  2. Huper Optik ceramics do not corrode in humid environments. Prestige will not corrode. Any implication from their side that our ceramic films corrode is pure fabrication.
  3. All ceramic Films, and metal films for that matter work better when the Sun is at an acute or obtuse angle. Prestige is similar in that respect, as is clear glass. Implications that their film meets some type of extraordinary testing standard is 100% disingenuous.
  4. Vista Ceramic Terre Films and Huper Optik Ceramic Films are NFRC Certified



  • They “invented” window film and make thousands of products.
    -Response: They are a terrific company and they did not invent window film, they patented a metal application to polyester films. That was 40 years ago and lots of things have changed. 




  • They can use Windex, we can’t?
    -Response: utterly ridiculous particularly with prestige film. Take a Scotch Brite abrasive sponge to their film and watch the color come right off. Do the same with Vista or Huper! Go on. .you’ll see who has a hard coat!
  • Better Warranty?
    -Response: Our films have a lifetime warranty as do theirs! Our is transferable to the next homeowner; theirs ends when you sell your home! 





  • “We are 100 plus years old; and ‘they’ may not be around in the future!”
    -Response: Anything can happen, nothing is forever; but Solutia Films is the largest window film manufacturer in the world. DuPont polyester isn’t a fly by night company the last I checked. We hope that 3M stays profitable for the next 100 years and we hope that we are all profitable and solving Sun related problems for decades to come!

If you are comparing Vista, Iris 70 or Huper Optik Films against Prestige films call Advanced Film Solutions, at 877-575-(FILM) 3456 or at 407-843-9350.

Our professional staff in Orlando and Tampa Florida, are highly trained to help you select the right window film solution for you and to explain the benefits associated with making the right selections.

We’ll help you separate fact from fiction when it comes to nanotechnology window films.

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Benefits of window film and tinting

Safety and Security Benefits:
1. Impact Protection
2. Privacy Protection
3. Glare Reduction
4. Reduce your electric bill
5. Qualify for power company rebates
6. NFC Rated Films. Our safety & security films are documented for performance!
7. Tints can allow in more natural light than blinds and shades
8. Protects expensive furnishings

Health Benefits:
1. Skin UV Protection
2. Slow aging process
3. Prevent aging spots

Green Benefits:
1. Save energy
2. Help the environment
3. Alternative to replacing windows
4. Lower carbon footprint
5. Improve efficiency of existing windows
6. Windows do not end up in landfill

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Advanced Film Solutions in Orlando is our second location in Florida. Started in 2007 by Michael Feldman, formerly the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Films we are now one of Central Florida’s largest dealers. Mr. Feldman retired from 3M after a 33 year career. We are simply the fastest growing window film dealer in Florida with well over 3,000 installations in prestige homes throughout West and Central Florida. The meteoric success of Advanced Film Solutions is the result of experience and professionalism.

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