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Orlando’s Best Window Tint Vista Films

Orlando’s best window tint is produced by Vista Films.  Installed locally by the premiere window film installer, Advanced Film Solutions.


Window film can do many things for you,  like…


“Go Green”

What can we do right now to reduce our “carbon footprint” and immediately save money?




It is as simple as having VISTA Window Film installed on your home’s windows.




VISTA Window Films block the Sun’s energy from entering your home.


These VISTA Films are available in many different shades or as we window film people term it Visible Light Transmissions (VLT)


“Lower Energy Costs and Usage”

Vista Films will reduce your energy usage, notably your AC, by a factor of 15-25% per month. The performance of VISTA Films has been quantified by independent laboratories and certified by the National Fenestration Ratings Council.






Less heat entering your windows is encouraged by FP&L, OUC and Progress Energy with an immediate window film rebate.



 ”Reduce Glare”

Coincidentally, our VISTA Films reduce glare by up to 86% and 99.9% of harmful and fabric destroying UVA and UVB!


Vista Energy Saving Window Films can help you too!  Call Advanced Film Solutions today.

Reducing energy usage is everyone’s responsibility and the rising cost of cooling your homes makes this the perfect time to do our part!

Call for a free estimate. Our VISTA Films offer a return on investment that might astonish you!




While natural sunlight offers plenty of positives for your home, there is a downside to letting the light shine in: increased energy costs, excessive heat, glare, and the fading of interior furnishings.
By eliminating or reducing these negative effects, Vista™ Window Film allows you to bask in the benefits of your windows, transforming the comfort and efficiency of your home. When looking for an Vista Window Film installer in Orlando, contact Advanced Film Soultions first.


Watch the video below for more information:

We are proud to be a certified Vista window film dealer! Vista has been at the forefront of high quality window film manufacturing for years and continues to provide cost effective solutions for property owners. We are also a certified Service Magic Vista Dealer and currently have reviews on Angies List.



Vista films offer a “Dual Benefit” because all solar control, UV and IR features are also available in the Shatter Film versions.To learn more about Vista Window Films, please visit their website.

Vista window films can:

 - Increase the comfort level in a room, while conserving energy.

- Protect your valuables and decorations in your home.

 - Reduce glare

- Hold broken glass together.

 - Allows sunlight to pass through windows and doors, while screening our heat and ultraviolet rays

- Let’s you be energy smart and “Go Green”, lower your carbon footprint.

 - Extend the life of your air conditioning unit.

- Allow you to open your curtains and blinds for more natural light.

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Benefits of window film and tinting

Safety and Security Benefits:
1. Impact Protection
2. Privacy Protection
3. Glare Reduction
4. Reduce your electric bill
5. Qualify for power company rebates
6. NFC Rated Films. Our safety & security films are documented for performance!
7. Tints can allow in more natural light than blinds and shades
8. Protects expensive furnishings

Health Benefits:
1. Skin UV Protection
2. Slow aging process
3. Prevent aging spots

Green Benefits:
1. Save energy
2. Help the environment
3. Alternative to replacing windows
4. Lower carbon footprint
5. Improve efficiency of existing windows
6. Windows do not end up in landfill

About Us

Advanced Film Solutions in Orlando is our second location in Florida. Started in 2007 by Michael Feldman, formerly the National Sales Manager of 3M Window Films we are now one of Central Florida’s largest dealers. Mr. Feldman retired from 3M after a 33 year career. We are simply the fastest growing window film dealer in Florida with well over 3,000 installations in prestige homes throughout West and Central Florida. The meteoric success of Advanced Film Solutions is the result of experience and professionalism.

Our Tampa Office:

Associations or Groups:

Better Business Bureau
Angies List
• Service Magic Pro's
• We sell Energy Star products
Window film is recommended by:
Progress Energy
FP&L: Insulate Your Business from High Energy Costs
Florida Power & Light Company (FP&L)
Skin Cancer Foundation
Tax Credit for Window Film